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$11 Museum Experience | $7 Enrichment Programs

Quick Details



  • All field trip programs are 1 hour in length.  The Museum Experience has an $11-per-person rate with a 20-person minimum.  We allow 2 teachers per group for free, adults beyond this are charged at the $11-per-person rate. 
  • The $7 and $9 field trip programs have a 20-student minimum, with only students being charged. There are five options, see below for details. 
  • Programs can be combined for a multi-hour trip. For example, half of your group sees the dinosaur museum while the other half sees an animal show.  After the first program is completed, the groups switch to the other program to ensure everyone has the same experience. 
  • Advanced booking required: call 516-764-0045 or e-mail


Can’t come to us? We’ll come to you! Read about our Outreach Programs.


The guided tour of our dinosaur and live animal museum is the perfect program for students to learn about adaptation. The museum features full-size museum quality dinosaur mounts, snakes, birds, reptiles, mammals, and hands-on activities. Combine this trip with any $7 or $9 per student field trip experience described below.

Teachers Exhibit Guide, and Pre & Post Teacher Activities:

For school groups visiting the museum, feel free to take advantage of our teachers exhibit guide, our adaptation pre-exhibit activity, and our post-exhibit activity. For an extra learning experience inside the museum, take advantage of our two adaptation scavenger hunts, which will help train your students’ eyes to spot adaptations and get them thinking critically about how different adaptations fit different environments.

  • Download our Teachers Exhibit Guide here.
  • Download the pre-exhibit activity here.
  • Download the post-exhibit activity here.
  • Download the first adaptation scavenger hunt here and the second one here.


CSTL’s Field Trip programs have been designed to align with the Next Generation Science Standards!

Animal Show – In this program, students learn about animal adaptations, lifestyles, and conservation in the best way possible: by meeting some of our live animals face-to-face!
NGSS Standards: LS1.A; LS1.D;

Download the pre-Animal Show activity here.
Download the post-Animal Show activity here.

Naturalist Hike – In this program, students take a guided hike through the woods of our preserve, where they’ll find insects, birds, and other wildlife, and explore the interactions between the plants and animals of the local ecosystem.
NGSS Standards: LS1.C; LS2.A;

Download the pre-Naturalist Hike activity here.
Download the post-Naturalist Hike activity here.

Life Around the Pond – In this program, students explore freshwater habitats of the preserve. They’ll search for aquatic plants and animals, and learn about the balance of these delicate habitats.
NGSS Standards: LS4.D; ESS3.C;

Download the pre-Life Around the Pond activity here.
Download the post-Life Around the Pond activity here.

Bug World – Get up close and personal with some of our resident bugs before we take students around the preserve to see what bugs live around us, and why they are important. 
NGSS Standards: LS1.B; LS2.B; LS4.D;

Download the pre-Bug World activity here.
Download the post-Bug World activity here.


Fossil Discovery – How do scientists investigate the creatures of the ancient past? In this program, students get up close with fossils and get to dive into our dig site to make some discoveries of their own.
NGSS Standards: LS4.A; SEP.7; LS1.A;

Download the pre-Fossil Discovery activity here.
Download the post-Fossil Discovery activity here.


a close up of a dinosaur

Teacher Testimonials

Bayview Primary School

Staff was very kind, knowledgeable, and flexible! We had a great experience!

– Dani Schatz
Oceanside High School

Brandon our guide was amazing and knowledgeable, he adapted the tour to the HS level and was amazing with our largely non English speaking group of ENL students. Very patient and worked well with our translator!

– Breanne Elsesser
Maurice W Downing School

Our 2nd graders had a wonderful time on our trip. Our guides were were so nice and provided a wealth of information for our students. Would highly recommend for all grades!

– Maura Spar
Extreme Steam Science Kids

Zack was an excellent tour guide. He was helpful in keeping our group together. He was very knowledgeable and kept our campers engaged and excited. His timing was perfect since we arrived a little bit late. We will definitely book this trip again and encourage more groups to attend. Excellent experience! Thank you!

– Stacey Susinno

I just wanted to say thank you for the fabulous aquatics program that my Troop attended last Saturday. The girls loved it!! Our guide was terrific too! He taught the girls so much about the environment and all the organisms found in the pond.

– Jennifer Tampone
Kiddie Junction

We had a wonderful experience during our field trips. The excitement on the kids faces was a joy to watch. The parents absolutely loved it! I would be happy to be back next year.

– Abbie Brodtman
Massapequa Elementary

Thank you so much for a great field trip. All the staff were wonderful. The students had an amazing time! We will definitely be booking another trip next year!

– Denise Sicignano
East School

This trip was my absolute favorite! The hike was beautiful. I appreciated having the scavenger hunt for students - they loved having specific things to look for. The two guides in the museum were amazing. They were so knowledgeable, worked so well with the kids, and kept them engaged and excited! Thank you for a great day!

– Megan Lewitin
Forest Rd School

Our students were fully engaged and excited about learning all about the living organisms on site. Your staff was knowledgeable and patient when asking and answering questions. The grounds were well kept and inviting. We had a great day! Thank you so much!

– Kim Lapera
St Marks Nursery

Thank you for a wonderful trip! It sounds like the children and teachers had a great day!

– Kristin Dunn
Stewart Manor School

This field trip was wonderful! The students learned so much about various animals and the ecosystem around them. We loved how organized the trip was and how the information was presented in a kid-friendly way. We will definitely consider booking another trip here next year!

– Denise Pascullo
John Lewis Child's School

The students had a great time! It was very well organized and engaging!!

– Victoria Foley
William S Covert School

Our students LOVED every part! Your staff was amazing with the students and they learned so much from the very age appropriate explanations. We will for sure return!

– Valerie Sprague
Newbridge Rd Elementary

My group had a fabulous day ! CJ was an excellent and enthusiastic guide.

– Karen Barrins
Plaza Elementary

Our nature walk guide was very relatable to my students, he spoke to them on their level and allowed them to ask and answer questions. Our animal guide was extremely informative and we learned so much great information about the animals. My class had an amazing time.

– Tricia Wilder
Dutch Lane Elementary

Another great trip! We loved the new additions to the exhibit and our guide was amazing. He was enthusiastic, patient and informative. Our class loved everything about it and we will definitely be back next year!

– Stefanie Cristina
St. Martin de Porres Marianist School

Zack’s presentation was very age appropriate and well informed. He was patient and very kind to the children. The children enjoyed walking through the paths. A very enjoyable day.

– Lisa Haller
Robert W Carbonaro School

Our animal guide was amazing. He kept all the children captivated and made sure the entire presentation was interactive. He was funny, charismatic, and informative. The children said it was the best trip they had ever been on. We had a wonderful time. Thank you very much.

– Kathleen Murray
Howell Rd School

CSTL was a positive experience, beginning with Zack setting up and answering my numerous questions about the outreach program to the presenter. He kept the children engaged because he was knowledgeable and enthusiastic! We will be setting up more experiences with CSTL in the future!

– Eileen Cooke
Barack Obama Elementary

Thank you for a wonderful end of year experience. So many students said they can't wait to return with their family during the summer. I will definitely plan trips next year- we had a wonderful time.

– Dawn Lopez
Grand Pavilion

The presenter CJ did an excellent job with our residents at our long-term care facility. He was very informative, interactive and engaging. We will definitely continue booking with CSTL in the near future.

– Doneil Howard
Five Towns Community Center

Thank you for a well-organized experience! We appreciated that you had leaders for each group and used our time wisely to allow our children to have a full experience. The activities were engaging to young learners. The children and adults had a wonderful time.

– GinaMarie Dimatos
Plainedge Schools

We had a wide variety of students who attended the trip. Your staff were great! Our students required less structure and lecture and more activity which you were able to provide for them.

– Plainedge ESY
Long Beach Schools

Zack was great! Very informative and interesting. Thank you for being so patient with our kids!

– Dana Monti
Children's Nest

The children and staff all had a wonderful time. One of the best trips this summer. They said what made it exceptional was the staff that toured them and presented the program. Thank you for making their visit so special. We appreciate your helpfulness from booking to implementing.

– Roseann Frisch

All our seniors returned to program praising the science center, the staff and the hands-on exposure to live animals.

– Anita Jackson
Wilson Elementary

Each of the instructors was very informative and all the students were highly engaged. Our unit of study is titled Change Over Time and each session of the trip connected to our essential question: how are impacted by time and place? I highly recommend this trip to all 4th grade students.

– Kara Spinelli
West Elementary Long Beach

The kids has such a wonderful time, of course we wish the weather was better for outside exhibits but that didn't stop them from having fun!! We will be back next year for sure!

– Nicolette Samardich
John Lewis Childs School

Absolutely great! We and saw the animals outside and then went inside for part 2. The staff was knowledgeable, patient and clearly had practice working with younger students. Our first graders are experts at "adaptions" and enjoyed learning about birds and reptiles. The staff was organized and efficient - a teacher's dream!

– Elizabeth Kline